Saturday, October 3, 2009


yesterday just went to penang.
met with relatives.
had lunch together.
uncle just back from china.
brought us chocolate. :)

little cute girl-chenchen

me and little cute girl-chenchen

little cute girl-chenchen and my sista

as usual.
little cute girl-chen chen still cute and pretty.

after lunch.
went to shopping lu.
and went to other places.
have one uncle asked:"you are twin ah?"
i answers :"nope".
my buddha.
me and my sista look like twin mer? :P

one of the dish.

my daddy bring us went to restaurant for our dinner.
for me.
one of the dish looks so geli. :P
but others still tasty la.
i likes crab porridge.
eat a lots.
gain some weight too?

.miss you.

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