Wednesday, September 9, 2009

what am i thinking?

it's 3.07am.
and i still haven sleep yet.
i still studying?
if this is what u guess or think.
u're definately wrong!
I'M NOT STUDYING! it's true.
i know.i know.
final exam mar.friday.i really know.
i keep remind myself.
but what to do?
although my hand holding all those notes.
but my mind don't know go where already?
i can't concentrate.i just l o o k i n g
the notes. i give up already.
i don't want continue waste time on looking the notes.
and nothing go in my brain.
now i rest.let my brain rest.
then tomorrow only i fight.

i will force myself to concentrate and study all those notes!
this is what i promise to myself.
i swear.

give up is what i can do.

other than that.
i don't know.
can you help me?

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