Sunday, September 13, 2009


tomorrow is english language paper.
the subject i hate the most.
because i hate english!!!
everyone also say english no need study geh la.
ofcause i also think like that la.
so after maths test.
i doing nothing related to study.
i just unstable msn keep online and offline)
until now.
i started to see those pass year question.
and i found that i don't know how to do at all.
like what we said.
IT kenal ME and I don't kenal IT.
please let me understand you and i will try to love you.

just now we go out for dinner.
what so special la?
actually nothing special.
just because we walk to the place.not by car.
for me la.In kampar for almost 3 months.
i seldom walk to somewhere else have breakfast.lunch.dinner.
if near my go to my friends' house.ofcause walk jo many times.
but if go out eat la.
almost by car or cycle to that place.
walk leh.i guess just 4 times included this time.
and 4 times also at night.LOLL
actually i like walk to somewhere.only if is at night.
because at night not so hot mar.and have some wind.
i like the feel.
i don't know how to describe the english not good.
i just like that feel.
it's good time for thinking too.
but if at afternoon or evening.
the weather is not hot.i'm okay too.
but not walk alone.

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