Saturday, September 5, 2009


just back from genting...
first time went to genting with ah ba,leong leong and david. :)
at first.
they went to genting just because want to find some job.
and me going there is just for fun.
because my parent do not allow me working.
when we arrived genting.
they went to interview.
and i just follow them.but surprisingly.
they gao dim everything in a short time.

since we doing nothing there.
we decided went to theme park main main.LOLLL
we have fun at there.
i enjoyed.

but horg.
theme park there.
got one clown or name as JIJI.
he so nice and naughty loh.
we saw him two times.
first time is when we just masuk theme park.
second time is when we keluar dari theme park.
first time.
he very nice and funny la weh.
gave me and ah ba ballon with some shape geh.
mine geh is lollipop and ah ba geh is love.
we took photos with him and he acts funny.
second time.
he very naughty la.
don't know why.
he still recognize us.i just walk near him.
suddenly he put his hand in front of me.
and his hand SNAKE.
it happened so unexpectedly.
and because of scared by the snake.
i cried.
my buddha."fish-nya".

thanks david for help us take those stuff.

ooi ooi,don't be sad.although this time u can't go genting with us.but i one day.we will still have another chance.go together.

*for sure.we took some photos.but now i very lazy upload lar.maybe will just upload at facebook or later i upload some here?*

i'm tired yet i'm happy

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