Friday, December 26, 2008



this monday(22/12), i went to visit my relatives in muar with my family members,cousin,grandpa,aunty,uncle....we back from muar on this thursday(25/12)....actualy we plan to back on this wednesday(24/12) but then they said want to visit other relatives that in we decided to back on thursday...on monday ,when we arrived there already quite late...once we arrived there we went to eat....after that we back to relative's house to bath so that we can continue to eat at another place....what we ate was::::::::::::
before open it's::::::otak-otak

after open it's:::::otak-otak

the next day,we went to melaka....what we saw when we went there was:::after that we went to culture street....then,we went to eat and back to muar....on wednesday,we went to visit my relatives in relative that in johor::::

my grandpa and relative

on thursday,we back from muar.....before we back,we went to muar river's take almost 40 minutes.....

we have stay in kl for a while...we went to find my cousin...she took us to time square and sungei wang...there are a lot of people...after that,we back from kl....finally,i back to my home....during this trip....when we went to other place,we need to sit in the car for a long time....make me feel not good....I HATE SIT IN THE CAR FOR A LONG TIME...

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