Wednesday, November 5, 2008

buddhist society farewell

Buddhist Soc
iety Farewell!!!!!




18/10/2008,buddhist society farewell...where?? piang's house...we plan BBQ at piang's house...unfortunately,we failed to light up the fire and rain ...ohno!!so how???we fried all the food and EAT....

when we try to light up the fire

boy boy(piang's dog)

while eating,they also play with the dog(actualy all the time they play with the dog)except me...why???because i was scared loh...the dog...actualy they know i scared the dog so they sengaja bring the dog near me(especially daniel>>piang's cousin) response??ofcause and for sure is screaming...what they do??they rakam "fish"....sifu still didn't delete yet....ohno!!sifu please delete la....although boy boy at there,for me the farewell quite fun la..because can play with my friends...friends..thanks for the presents and also the booklet yah...i like it ohh....^^


PArtIal's Life.. said...

wow.. so nice got farewell party.. hehe.. by the way, wats the diff btw before and afrer tat pic.. hehe..

ye mei said...

b4 is we plan 2 BBQ 1..
after is we fried edi geh..